2017 TIFF digiPlaySpace Preview

Sunday, February 19, 2017 9:05:00 AM
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Get hands on with robots, algorithms, and machines to build your own amazing creations! digiPlaySpace invites you to unlock your inner maker through the latest interactive art installations, game designs, and new technologies.

Play with expressive robots, learn to code, and surround yourself with light and movement to transform your view of the world and create new artistic possibilities.

With 23 installations from eight countries, digiPlaySpace showcases the evolution of play in the 21st century. Collaborate with friends and family to inspire your own creativity through playful, innovative, and educational installations!

Featured Works


STEAMLabs (Catapult LED Coding + Robot Crafting Table)

World Premiere
Robot Crafting Table
Command a robot to assemble materials into your own virtual creations!
Learn how to code at the STEAMLabs Robot Crafting Table! Using an iPad to issue your instructions, you will command a robot to assemble raw materials into the correct recipe. With its electromagnetic arm, the real-life robot will then place your materials into position on the crafting table and display the item that you made!
This installation is part of the Makers' Space.

Canadian Premiere
Catapult LED Coding
Solve a giant wall-mounted logic puzzle of glowing LEDs! By analyzing the logic gates on display, you will see the nodes that need to be engaged to solve the puzzle. Toss the balls into the essential nodes to activate a particle light explosion!
This installation is part of the Makers' Space.

Nifty Fish
Create your own nifty fish design!
With Nifty Fish, you can use your own device to create a wacky custom fish and add it to a shared fish tank in the TIFF Bell Lightbox atrium. Create as many as you want and watch them swim!

Sago Mini World
Visit Sago Mini World, a land of imagination and adventure!
With over 20 million downloads, 22 apps and a new line of toys, Sago Mini makes products that encourage the joy of learning and discovery through play. Every month, more than two million kids across the globe play with Sago Mini's apps. Intuitive, beautifully detailed and whimsical, kids and parents can join our characters on all kinds of fun adventures designed to build on kids' imagination and wonder.

Interact with a mini universe and see how each celestial body reacts to your interactions across 28 screens.
28 objects of light hang in the gallery, communicating silently with one another, as dynamic animations and ambient sounds are crafted into a synaesthetic, playful Media/Object. Touch and move comets, solar systems, planets, and moons in a mini universe to see what happens.

Last One Standing
Chase your opponents and knock down their dominoes to be the last one standing!
Players take on the role of living dominoes and run around a table arena, leaving behind a trail of standing dominoes that can be toppled. Hit each opponent's trails to knock them down, but beware of being toppled yourself! Lightning-quick rounds mean you're never out for long before the next chase.

Canada on (Green) Screen
Travel to Canada’s National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas through the magic of green- screen technology! Parcourez les parcs nationaux du Canada, ses sites historiques et ses aires marines nationales de conservation grâce à la magie de l'écran vert!
Explore Canada’s National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas through this interactive, green- screen experience. Travel across the country to visit beautiful vistas, hang out with wildlife, and more!
Explorez les parcs nationaux du Canada, ses sites historiques et ses aires marines nationales de conservation grâce à cette expérience interactive avec écran vert. Parcourez le pays pour découvrir de superbes paysages, rencontrez la faune et plus encore!

Animation Space Station
Visit outer space by superimposing yourself into these five wacky science-fiction animations by award-winning artist John Martz.
Get ready for a trip to outer space! Put yourself in five different futuristic scenes, from floating in space to running from aliens. Superimpose yourself and your friends into animations from award- winning artist John Martz.

Kids and parents can learn together through play and creation, by exploring a range of games, creative tools, and storytelling activities on the latest mobile and tablet devices.
Curated with specific age ranges in mind, these apps help children develop important skills linked to math, science, reading and writing, and enhance digital skills that are key to 21st-century learning.
Presented by Sago Mini.

Makers' Space
Get hands-on with robotics, coding, and creative circuits from celebrated Canadian and international makers, artists, and creative technologists.

Logic Toss
Solve the LED puzzle by launching your catapult!

Coding Characters with Little Robot Friends
Dive into open source code to make complex behaviours! Little Robot Friends help kids explore interactivity and programming with easy-to-use, playful interfaces.
Little Robot Friends are electronic robot kits that make learning code fun and engaging, encourage creative exploration of math and music, and inspire young minds to discover their inner inventor. The robots come ready-to-play or as a DIY soldering kit, and are programmable through an app or third-party open-source software.
This installation is part of the Makers' Space.

Drawing + robots = Drawbots!
Use the robots to make awesome drawings! Try out six different open-source drawing robot designs to see what they do. Adjust them and watch them draw lines and patterns before your eyes. Find one you like? Check out the instructions online and build your own at home.

United States

Interact with a robot through gestures and movement. Mimic is a playful, interactive installation that allows visitors to engage in an ever-changing dialogue with a robot arm purely through gestures and movement. The robot's lifelike movements and responses change our relationship to the technology, giving it personality and creating a new type of connection.

Rain or Shine
It's a perfect summer day in London; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, there's a spring in everybody's step, and Ella is determined to wear her new sunglasses. What could possibly go wrong?

Buggy Night
A nocturnal group of singing bugs is interrupted by a flashlight beam...and a very hungry frog.
Featuring production design by Caldecott Award–winning author and illustrator Jon Klassen.

Play games using physical blocks to learn about coding, geometry, and numbers!
Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad through hands-on play.
Coding Use hands-on physical blocks, each one a coding command, to control Awbie, a playful character who loves delicious strawberries.
Tangram Arrange wooden puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes.
Numbers Add, count and multiply the tiles to match the numbers on the bubbles. Big or small, even or odd, will you become the Numbers Master?

Swift Playgrounds
Learn how to code Swift through interactive puzzles!
Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary new app for iPad that makes learning code interactive and fun. Solve puzzles to master the basics using Swift — a powerful programming language created by Apple and used by the pros to build many of today's most popular apps. Take on a series of challenges and step up to more advanced creations!

Squishy Circuits
Bring your play-dough creations to life with lights, sounds, and more!
Developed at the University of St. Thomas' Playful Learning Lab in St. Paul, Minnesota, Squishy Circuits uses homemade conductive and insulating dough to sculpt electrical circuits. Let your creations come to life as you light them up with LEDs, make noises with buzzers, and spin with the motor.

Japan / USA

1 to 26 players cooperate on the same keyboard to move cartoon letters through a silly obstacle course.
Move your alphabet characters through a silly obstacle course, running and jumping over barriers and falls. This game's silly artwork, engaging music, and simple mechanics introduce kids to the full alphabet through cooperative play.

The Netherlands

Flight Painting
Create amazing 3D paintings with a flying ball of light.
Collaborate to create beautiful 3D light paintings. Control the speed, height, colour, and brightness of a flying ball of light as it is captured on camera with a long exposure.

Virtual Growth
Light grows to trace the environment, illuminating hidden edges and organically interacting with people and objects.
Watch the «living light» slowly spread out and trace the world — including you! You can carry the light and help it spread, or choose to wipe it out instead. But unless you wipe it completely, it will start to grow right back again...

It's not hockey, it's HOKY! Compete in this wacky take on the sport we know and love, with lots of unexpected surprises.
HOKY is a non-traditional take on the classic sport of hockey, by bending its rules and intentionally avoiding deep knowledge of the sport. HOKY is only shown at events, with new, unique versions tailored to specific locations.

Greece / New Zealand

New Dexterity Robot Hands
New Dexterity is a new program of the OpenBionics open-source initiative that aims to increase the capabilities of robots to help people with disabilities regain their lost dexterity. The New Dexterity robot hands are anthropomorphic, adaptive, affordable, and lightweight.
This installation is part of the Makers' Space.


DOBOTONE's unpredictable party games let up to four players play together, while the fifth player changes the rules of the game as they go.
DOBOTONE is a five-player video in which four players compete in a variety of party games using two-button controllers. The fifth person takes on the role of the powerful Game Remixer, changing the variables of the games in real time through the console's special knobs and buttons to turn the challenge (and the party) up!