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Ontario Voters Demand Ford Government Take Action to Improve Conditions for Seniors in Long-Term Car

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 8:00:00 AM

- 92% say improvements needed to help seniors.

Ontarians want to see the Ford government force private operators to invest more to improve conditions in long-term care facilities and nursing homes, according to a new survey of 800 voters. Fully 92% of those polled – including 88% of self-identified Ford supporters – want to see better conditions in these homes in communities across the province.

The results of the survey conducted for SEIU Healthcare (SEIU), the union representing more than 60,000 frontline healthcare workers in Ontario, point to increasing problems for a Premier experiencing decreasing levels of voter confidence. Specifically, issues such as chronic understaffing, corporate greed and dignified quality of life for seniors top the list of voter concerns when asked about long-term care and nursing homes.

"In an effort to stem the crisis of care in Ontario's long-term care and nursing homes, SEIU is calling upon Premier Doug Ford to use his leverage over large for-profit corporations and support its call for privately owned long-term care homes to put more money into frontline care," stated SEIU President, Sharleen Stewart. "While CEOs of large for-profit companies are paid multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses, frontline staff and their clients face daily safety risks."

A recent public survey reveals that:

- 92% of people agree that conditions need to be improved in these homes even if it cuts into corporate profits.
- 93% agree that these corporations should hire more frontline workers.
- 73% believe that long-term care and nursing homes are in the business of making money.
- Only 16% believe that long-term care and nursing homes are in the business of providing care.
- 85% believe that the provincial government should force these homes to invest more – if they do not do so themselves.

Among Progressive Conservative voters specifically:

- 61% think that long-term care and nursing homes are underfunded, understaffed and do not provide a good quality of life for its residents.
- 52% think that private companies that own and operate these homes are responsible for the conditions they are in today.
- 88% believe that owners of long-term care and nursing homes should improve conditions in these homes even if it cuts into corporate profits.

An online survey of 800 Ontarians, proportionate to the gender and age of Ontario's population was conducted by The Gandalf Group Inc., a Toronto-based opinion research consultancy. The survey was conducted between May 24 to 26, 2019.