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JOBS ๐Ÿ‘ฎ National Police Federation And RCMP Sign Agreement To Recruit More Experienced Police Officers

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 08:00.AM

The National Police Federation and the RCMP have signed an important Memorandum of Agreement that will pave the way for many Experienced Police Officers to join the RCMP.

"This Agreement facilitates recognition of the years of service Experienced Police Officers bring from their previous agency when they transition to the RCMP by reflecting those years in appropriate annual leave credits. We commend the RCMP for responding to this opportunity as we work together to address the widely experienced crisis in recruitment facing all police services here in Canada and internationally," said Brian Sauvรฉ, President, National Police Federation.

The NPF and the RCMP are working collaboratively to address challenges in the RCMP recruiting process; this Agreement is just one of many improvements underway.

This Agreement recognizes Experienced Police Officers from federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, Indigenous, and military policing. Many police officers look to expand their growth, promotion, and learning opportunities as they advance in their careers. The RCMP offers literally hundreds of specialist opportunities for Members, including major crimes, emergency response teams, police service dogs, forensics, crisis negotiation, financial and cyber-crime, and many other fields in various locations and levels of policing.

"With a trend toward increased funding for policing that better aligns with community needs and evolving crime trends, and competitive salaries through the Collective Agreement, this will be another tool in the RCMP's recruitment toolbox to help ensure ongoing excellence and community satisfaction with RCMP policing, as well as exciting opportunities for our Members," said Sauvรฉ. "Policing is not for everyone, but it's a fascinating, rewarding, and exciting career that makes a positive difference in people's lives for those up to the challenge."

Ongoing Pollara Strategic Insights surveys show that 76% percent of residents in RCMP-served communities are satisfied, or very satisfied, with their police service year-over-year. Additionally, two-thirds of Canadians feel the federal and provincial governments should provide funding to bolster training and recruitment to help fill vacant RCMP positions. The NPF will continue to advocate for more funding for both policing and recruitment to help meet community and Member needs.

In October, 2022, the NPF launched a national recruitment campaign, "It's Tough But" that has generated millions of views and significant interest in joining the RCMP.

SOURCE: National Police Federation

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