2019 IDS. Haven. Designed by Tangible

Thursday, January 31, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Conceived as a place to relax, meet or simply take a moment, haven is an inflatable cloud you go inside. In our fast-paced lives, we can often forget the importance of rest or a short break. Research extensively supports that when we treat rest as work's equal partner, we not only open up our channels for creativity and new ideas, but we can also live more calmly and achieve more.
Haven was created by Tangible Interaction to challenge the way we experience a space.
Once you step inside, you are at once removed from the rest of your surroundings.
Lie down, listen to music, meditate or chat with a friend.
Whether you go in with a friend, a group or just on your own, haven encompasses you in a space where you can leave everything else outside. Take your time.

Tangible’s founder, Alex Beim, leads a diverse team comprising graphic, industrial and sound designers; the Vancouver-based practice is dedicated to creating installations that engage multiple senses to tap into one of our most basic human drives: to play and explore.
Creators invited IDS19 visitors to take a break from the excitement in this whimsical, airy popup inspired by the shape of billowing clouds. From the outside, Tangible Interaction’s freestanding
inflatable pods display cartoon-like sculptural forms. But through zippered doorways, visitors can climb into the immersive spaces within to enjoy a distraction-free breather—and a moment of contemplation, creativity, or simply repose on a patch of soft grass.

* * *