2019 Canada Blooms. Balcony Showcase

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 8:06:00 PM

Canada Blooms promoting this year five landscape designers that will focus specifically on gardening in a 10’ x 6’ space and taking varied growing conditions into account.

Balcony Garden: Colour Of Love

Sink into the Hemingway chair and return to the Hollywood of yesterday. An elegant oasis to enjoy as one or with many. Surrounded by tropical plants and a patio pond, you’ll never want to leave this paradise.

AKa Designs in build partnership with MBL Landscaping presents… ‘The Colour of Love’

“I see your true colours, and that’s why I love you”.

Sink into this oversized ‘Basket Club Chair’ and relax and enjoy what is all around you. This cozy balcony is a perfect way to spend a day with a book or a night with friends and family. Surrounded by the calm sounds of water, soft lighting and a tropical oasis, you can’t help but feel the love.

Our Design Path………

It all started with the ‘Basket Chair’ from Casalife. This is a case where you ‘want’ to put it all in one basket! From there, soft wood tones surrounded by a tropical oasis and red florals inspired us the rest of the way.

Having the soft sounds of water surround you can make Balcony living a step above.

Include one of various options by Aquascape.
Bring all the sounds and plant life of outdoor ponds to any balcony garden.
Visit aquascapeinc.com for a variety of sizes and colours to fit almost any space.
Lighting in any space is key for enjoying an exterior space into the summer nights.

Balcony living is no different, where adding some soft accent lights and lighting from below can create an ambiance like no other. Lighting courtesy of Vanden Bussche Irrigation

Think ‘Tropical’ as a great option for your balcony or container gardening. The bonus when choosing tropical plants, they can go inside in the winter months, and back out again the next summer!!! Tropicals courtesy of Jill Jensen Botanicals.

Adding a green wall or living art, in various sizes, is a perfect addition to any space. The option to change the plants out seasonally, this versatile growing trend is one that can be added to enhance any space. Wall courtesy of Vertical Landscape Architects .

Balcony Garden: Story Time With The Three Bears

Like many other Canadian families, the Bears are “right-sizing” to condo-living.

Their balcony reflects a love of nature and provides a cozy space for family time, especial at night when they are most active. Like many other Canadian families, the Bears are “right-sizing” to condo-living. Native species, a salvaged tree trunk scratching post and a children’s seed garden are all included to help the Bears transition to city living. And if the sky is clear, you may just be able to see the Big Dipper.

Balcony Garden: The International Caja Garden

The intergenerational Caja garden features plants for kids, adults, and grandparents.

For the kids, cherry tomatoes and strawberries are perennial favourites. For the adults, inspiration came from a tapas party theme with plants like mojito mint and Italian basil for cocktails, as well as kale and tomatoes for fresh salads. For the grandparents, we were inspired by showing plants at different stages of growth from seeds to baby microgreens to full sized adult/mature plants.

Balcony Garden: Bike Storage To Beaujolais – The Modern Toronto Condo Balcony
From quiet reading to entertaining, a modern balcony has beautiful flooring, seating, lighting and plants for all those needed herbs!

Balcony Garden: The Family You Make

A cozy balcony crated by our dedicated volunteers

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