2019 Canada Blooms. Do Up The Doorsteps

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 10:19:00 PM

Bringing back the porch is a great way to extend your ‘living space’ and create room for all to enjoy.

Do Up The Doorsteps: Coop Stoop ecoModern

A small modern but welcoming yard for creatures and family to play, smell, touch and taste. Home space for peace and playfulness in harmony.

Can playful and modern, productive and beautiful, bee, butterfly and creature-friendly and structured co-exist? We think so!

In this small front yard you’ll find urban hens in a green-roofed house, sunny cat basking rocks, a hobbit house kid tunnel and plants to smell, touch and eat. The “lawns” are easy care sedum mats and creeping flowers. Even small urban spaces can be alive. Imagine your front yard as a space that speaks of peace and playfulness in harmony with the place your family calls home.

Do Up The Doorsteps: Modern Family

Board games and family

Do Up The Doorsteps: The Domino Effect

AKa Designs in build partnership with MBL Landscaping presents… ‘The Domino Effect’
The path creates a mood all the way to your front door.

Bringing back the porch is a great way to extend your ‘living space’ and create room for all to enjoy. Whether that be to play a game, share some stories, or cozy up with a book, this front door sets a mood that will have a ‘domino effect’ for all; to want to relax and enjoy.

Our Design Path………

Creating our design started with wanting to extend the outdoor living space to not only a back yard but ‘take it out front’. Our design path began with the hopes of starting a ‘domino effect’ in encouraging families to use the front of their homes, get outside, outdoors, and into their neighbourhoods and communities more.

The front door can make an impact up close or from the curb. Make it ‘your own’ with a door that reflects your style. What better way to make a statement at your entry way! Remember to finish your door with hardware that will compliment and enhance the door even further.

Outdoor living does not need to be restricted to the back. Cozy up on the Lounge Jr. collection, perfect for any front porch as you can customize it to any size or space. Casualife has an incredible collection that can work for all to enjoy.

Transform your front yard into an extension of your home with furniture and accents like no other. Visit casualife.ca for the full collection of products. Their showroom experts can create designs to fit any space.

There is no better way to showcase your stone patio, walkway, or door than with the addition of accent lighting. Not only does it provide light underfoot, it highlights your pathway and home and further extends your time outdoors into the evenings.

Water features are not restricted to the back yard. Enjoying your front yard space can also include one, such as the stacked slate wall water feature. These can be added as a weekend project or as part of a large-scale design and will give you the soothing sounds of water day and night. Visit aquascapeinc.com for all the various sizes and shapes and add your water feature today.

Do Up The Doorsteps: Functional Family Fun

Who says a front yard needs to be boring?
Involve the whole family into turning your living space to a spot to gather and grow together.

Do Up The Doorsteps: Hanging With The Family

A Front entrance designed with traditional infrastructure, contemporary curb appeal and extraordinary gardening. Built for families to create memories and spend time together.

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