Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Forestry crews return to Toronto after providing emergency assistance to Winnipeg

Friday, November 8, 2019 2:17:00 PM

Twenty-five Urban Forestry staff who provided assistance to the City of Winnipeg for the past two weeks are returning home today. The Toronto crews were helping with cleanup of storm damage after the Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba declared a state of emergency.

The crews from Toronto played a critical role in clearing tree hazards from significant portions of Winnipeg's residential neighbourhoods, as well as in Kildonan Park, one of Winnipeg's most heavily treed regional parks.

City of Toronto staff and equipment supported the ongoing efforts of Winnipeg, alongside crews from Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary and Regina, to mitigate weather effects of an uncharacteristic fall snow storm. The weather conditions resulted in mass power outages and damage to about 30,000 trees.

"We are glad to be able to help the City of Winnipeg through this challenging time. From the moment our crews arrived in Manitoba, they were welcomed warmly and truly appreciated by their fellow Canadians. We are so proud our City workers helped represent the goodwill of the City of Toronto to our friends and neighbours in Winnipeg. We welcome them back home and congratulate them on a job well done!"
- Toronto Mayor John Tory

Along with its Urban Forestry crews, the City of Toronto sent 13 vehicles, including chipper trucks and aerial tower (bucket) trucks, and other forestry equipment.

The cost of the emergency assistance, which is still to be finalized, will be covered by the City of Winnipeg.