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Finding employment is now easier for job seekers

Thursday, January 9, 2020 4:34:00 PM

- Media Classified Corporation improves its advertiser and readership opportunities by merging three publications into one.

Media Classified Corporation has merged three of its publications into one; Job Classified, Employment Classified and Employment News are now one dynamic vertical called Employment News.

For over 32 years, Employment News has been the largest, free employment paper in the country. The merger will provide an expanded network that includes the acquisition of distribution points across the country, bringing the total number of racks and boxes to 6,000 ––increasing its reach to more people seeking quality employment.

To complement the enlarged Employment News publication, the website was overhauled to simplify the job-seeking and recruitment processes and to provide easy site navigation for all users. As well, the aggregation of data from Job Classified and Employment Classified provides hyperlocal job listings. Now, job seekers can easily browse potential employers and provide candidate profiles that cater to job listings based on specific keywords.

"The merger of these three print products provides our readers with a streamlined channel to reach potential employers more effectively," says Leo Racioppo, president and CEO of Media Classified Corporation. "The employment sector can be confusing – our new consolidated publication and associated web interface will make it easier to apply for opportunities that align with job seekers' skill sets."

About Media Classified Corporation: Media Classified Corporation (MCC) is a six-time award winning print and digital publishing company that produces 27 niche magazines covering employment, education, rentals, automotive, real estate, and the health industry. In addition, Media Classified Corporation distributes hundreds of other niche publications across major Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta cities, totalling 20 million free magazines a year. MCC is also the host and founder of the Career Fair Canada event which attracts more than 100,000 education and job seekers annually, with 20 events planned for 2020.

SOURCE Media Classified Corporation