2020 Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari Drive-Thru

Monday, 25 May 2020 08:00.AM

May 2020. Spring is raging. Everything around is blooming and fragrant. But the terrible virus COVID-19 has taken over the world. The invisible enemy holds everyone in quarantine. Life has turned into episodes of a fantastic apocalypse. Everyone has only one desire - to get rid of fear for themselves, their families, friends and acquaintances, and return to their former settled and measured life, which they are used to, in which everything was clear and understandable, and there was no dreary expectation of a "doomsday".

Turning the Toronto Zoo temporarily into a car safari was forced by COVID-19, which established its strict rules on communication between people and visiting public places.
The all-new Scenic Safari Drive-Through attraction offers visitors to drive their own car through almost the entire zoo along the walking paths and ZooMobile route. Pedestrians, as social elements that are difficult to distance, are excluded for the duration of Safari Drive-Through. So, drivers of their own vehicles may not particularly worry about safety on the roads of the zoo. Animals will also not interfere and will not scare children and adults, as unlike a real safari they will be in closed enclosures.

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