Photo Credit: Herta

A new, unprecedented solution for human behavior analysis

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 10:15:00 AM

- Herta launches a new advanced facial expression analysis solution for the study of human behavior in videos. -

Herta, a world leader in the development of cutting edge facial recognition solutions, based in Barcelona, announced the launch of it's new video analysis solution, BioObserver. This sophisticated software will mark a significant change in the study of human behaviour and facial expression analysis.

Based on advanced artificial intelligence techniques, BioObserver automatically detects and annotates a person's facial expressions and micro-expressions, as well as the direction of the gaze and head orientation, in order to monitor behavioral metrics such as affective states or the individual's level of attention. The platform also allows to configure automatic rules and annotations of events to extract keyframes of the video that are considered of interest. With BioObserver you can detect subtle micro-expressions such as "frowning," "blinking," or "raising eyebrows," according to the Facial Action Coding System by Paul Ekman. The tool offers the possibility to work at a very low level. Then, the combination of some micro-expressions may form a higher-level prototypic facial emotion (such as joy, anger, sadness, fear, surprise...) which can be configured in the software as well.

This new solution has been co-created together with key end-customers from the law enforcement sector, resulting on a user-friendly, intuitive and time-saving tool that any interviewer would love. The solution is being offered on a SaaS model and will give the customer the possibility to process hours of video, extremely fast and at a very affordable cost.