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Fergus: A New Online Organic Grocery Market

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 8:06:00 PM

- Fresh and varied food delivered directly to your home year-round. -

Fergus is a friendly online grocery store offering easy and convenient delivery without a subscription plan. Fergus makes enjoying various organic foods delivered to your home not only a possibility but a pleasure. Beyond providing seasonal fruits and vegetables, this online market carries a wide range of other certified organic grocery items, including a selection of meats, personal care products, and other household goods.

Fergus is the lovechild of Jardins de la Montagne and Jardin des Anges, two businesses founded in 1997 and 1999 by visionary women with serious green thumbs. Today, the company promotes organic products and delicious ingredients through its modern and sustainable business model.

Taking action today for a better tomorrow

Fergus believes in organic food, widespread access to healthy ingredients, and more respectful and sustainable farming methods. In addition to being an online grocery store, Fergus operates a local organic farm where they grow certified organic fruits and vegetables. They also conduct business with local and international producers ensuring Quebec households are stocked with the finest-quality organic flavours all year round. This business wants to provide quality products throughout the year via its online grocery store and convenient delivery service. Moreover, Fergus wants to introduce families to different flavours from all over the world, as well as make organically-farmed goods more accessible, and help Quebecers eat better today to ensure that everyone is well-fed tomorrow. Organic farming is sustainable farming, and it guarantees a healthier future not just for our plates, but for our planet.

"We believe that organic eating is more than just a personal choice. When you choose Fergus, you're contributing to feeding future generations by living more sustainably," says Alexandre Beaulieu, General Manager at Fergus. "That's because we respect the land we grow our produce on, and we care about the kind of impact that nutritious eating has on our health and our world. If Fergus can help make a difference in people's lives, then consider our mission accomplished."

Organic baskets improved

Fergus aims to leverage an efficient delivery service proven successful since 1997 to deliver a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables right to your door. Best of all, there's no subscription required to benefit from this reliable service. All products sold by Fergus are certified organic and grown in soil without any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Shopping with Fergus is an easy choice to make, one that will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your family, your employees and colleagues, as well as the environment.

Fergus makes eating better while staying true to your values much easier.

Fergus is an organic online grocery market founded by people passionate about organic goods.

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