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Largest Recruitment Campaign "KPMG Enterprise Virtual Office"

Sunday, March 21, 2021 7:41:00 PM

- KPMG in Québec announces the largest recruitment campaign in its history and launches the "KPMG Enterprise Virtual Office" initiative. -

KPMG in Québec announces two initiatives: an unprecedented recruitment campaign aimed at adding nearly 450 experienced professionals in all of its business lines and the launch of the "KPMG Enterprise Virtual Office" initiative. This second initiative reaffirms the importance of the regions within the Québec economy by promoting local talent and supporting entrepreneurs, regardless of their location.

Major recruitment campaign

This is KPMG's largest recruitment campaign in Québec since it was founded 150 years ago. As a sign of the firm's ambitious organic growth, KPMG announces it is opening several hundred additional positions in each of its service lines. The campaign aims to recruit talent in its Audit, Tax, Deal Advisory and Risk Consulting practices, but also to grow its teams in leading–edge areas such as digital transformation, automation, artificial intelligence, data management, supply chain and logistics optimization, sustainability consulting, financial crimes and cybersecurity. Acknowledging the significance of the campaign, KPMG is building on several strategic relationships with recognized recruiting firms, including Millesime Group, to accelerate the pace of deployment.

"This major recruitment campaign is part of our commitment to grow Québec's innovative ecosystem and send a strong message to Quebecers: our province is positioned to help drive the country's recovery," says Benoit Lacoste Bienvenue, Managing Partner, Québec Region, KPMG.

"KPMG Enterprise Virtual Office"

The "KPMG Enterprise Virtual Office" initiative will help more talent in Québec's regions play a leading role in supporting Québec businesses at a time when they are facing unprecedented transformational challenges and, in turn, ensuring an inclusive economic recovery. KPMG is focusing on developing regional talent along with a pilot project for regional collaborative spaces to spearhead growth in Québec's regions.

Since 2004, KPMG Enterprise is a practice dedicated to entrepreneurs, family businesses and private companies throughout Québec.

"Through KPMG Enterprise, we provide Québec entrepreneurs with privileged access to leading–edge expertise while maintaining a local approach that understands the regional business market, regardless of the size or stage of development of their business," says Yanick Brissette, Partner in charge of KPMG Enterprise, Province of Québec.

"At KPMG, we firmly believe the regions are a major economic growth driver in Québec, which is why we're officially launching the 'KPMG Enterprise Virtual Office' initiative, which consists in offering 100% virtual job opportunities on a permanent basis. For over a year, we've been developing a pilot project while deploying new technologies to take our remote work offering to the next level. In this way, we meet a twofold objective: to seek out and promote talent throughout Québec and offer our clients the best available expertise, wherever they're located, to maximize Québec talent development and expand our presence in the regions," concludes Lacoste Bienvenue.