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Made in Portugal: Portuguese Companies Focus On Customisation As A Differentiation Factor

Thursday, June 3, 2021 10:14:00 AM

The Home and Building Materials sectors have increasingly focused on the development of products, that incorporate design and customisation, to differentiate themselves in the international markets. The focus on the customer and exclusivity are mirrored in the MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally campaign that has been developed by AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency, to promote the excellent product range.

These sectors bring together almost 20,000 Portuguese companies, employing more than 150,000 people. They export to more than 180 countries, which recognise their ability to adapt the product to the customer's needs and their capacity to surprise, as the result of product innovation and audacity, ensuring exclusive and personalised demand.

"The relentless search for tailor-made solutions that offer exactly what the customer is looking for, while maintaining quality, functionality and authenticity, shows that Portuguese companies are increasingly customer-oriented, competitive and performing at a high level internationally," says Luís Castro Henriques, CEO of AICEP.

There are several attributes that distinguish the MADE IN PORTUGAL range, and, to all of them, we add the expertise for tailor-made production and the willingness to establish unique relationships with clients, who seek differentiation through the exclusivity of each piece.

Achilles 1905 specialises in the production and design of exquisite metal items, that are perfect for customising furniture, curtains, stairs, handrails, and handles.

The Burel Factory provides several coverings solutions (wall panels, headboards, carpets, curtains) in a personalised and bespoke manner, giving them a unique identity, that is enhanced by a wide range of 3D points, textures and colours.

Much more than a functional product, OIA Design guarantees exclusivity with each marble piece it creates, combining design with originality.

Granorte is a leading manufacturer of quality, innovative and sustainable cork coverings, that focus on creativity and customisation in interior design.

At Crisbase, all the pieces are handmade by master glassmakers, who combine tradition with new aesthetic concepts, to create unique pieces of great character.

Keramos-Nazari exemplifies the ability to work with mostly handmade and hand-painted ceramics and tiles.

SOURCE: Made in Portugal