Medicom SafeMask® Architect™ JR pediatric masks are designed specifically to fit children's smaller faces. They provide the same reliable protection as our medical masks that protect millions of healthcare professionals around the world every day, while o

Delta Variant: Medicom now offers Quebec-made medical grade masks Direct to Consumers

Tuesday, 31 August 2021 12:00.PM

Quebec-based AMD Medicom Inc. ("Medicom") has announced that their medical grade masks will now be made available directly to the general public through an online storefront. The decision was driven by a combination of increased production capacity at the Montreal-based manufacturing facility, the high degree of contagiousness of the Delta variant and the impending back-to-school season.

"The Delta variant is highly contagious and is gaining ground in Quebec and Canada. With the fall season almost upon us, a high-quality surgical mask is an indispensable tool for protection. Whether it is during family, social or professional activities, or in the daily life of each individual, a reliable mask is a proven safeguard against the spread of COVID-19. For the first time ever, Medicom will make our SafeMask Architect ASTM Level 3 masks available to all Canadians," said John Tourlas, Medicom President, North America.

Medicom is one of the world's leading manufacturers of surgical procedure and respiratory masks. SafeMask® Architect™ ASTM Level 3 masks, which are manufactured in Quebec, are typically reserved for healthcare professionals, but will now be available to consumers. Wearing a high-quality surgical mask is an effective barrier against the Delta variant of COVID-19, even for fully vaccinated individuals. These masks offer the highest level of protection in their class. SafeMask Architect ASTM Level 3 masks, which are certified by Health Canada, are especially recommended in environments with a high risk of splashes or air-borne aerosols.

Protecting children without compromise
With back-to-school time around the corner, children will also need optimal protection when they're at school, out with friends or participating in after-school activities. Now, parents of children aged 4 to 12 will have access to a high-quality surgical mask made in Quebec, the SafeMask® Architect™ JR. This mask was designed specifically for the morphology of small faces and will offer both unparalleled protection and greater comfort for this young population.

"For 33 years, healthcare professionals around the world have turned to Medicom products to protect themselves and their patients. We are proud to be able to make these high-quality products available to all consumers so that they too can count on reliable protection. With the start of the new school year, Quebecers and Canadians can finally benefit from masks that are reliable and made right here in Quebec," added Guillaume Laverdure, Chief Operating Officer.

SafeMask® Architect™ Level 3 ASTM adult surgical masks SafeMask® Architect™ JR pediatric surgical masks are available online here:

SOURCE: AMD Medicom Inc.