2021 Toronto Zoo. Celebrating Puppe, the Oldest Sumatran Orangutan's, 54th Birthday

Saturday, 25 September 2021 22:48.PM

- Toronto Zoo celebrate one of the founding members of the Toronto Zoo, Puppe, the oldest Sumatran orangutan in North America.

Puppe has been with Toronto Zoo since September 1974 and this year she turns 54, making her the oldest Sumatran orangutan in North America. Puppe celebrating this milestone with her very own orangutan-friendly birthday cake.

In celebration of Puppe’s birthday, in lieu of birthday presents, the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy is raising $5,000 to provide a Pushbutton Water Spray Feature for the new outdoor orangutan habitat that is currently under construction. This enrichment feature will allow the orangutans to interact and spray guests with water with the push of a button! We are hoping that donors will help us reach our goal and make Puppe’s 54th birthday the best one yet.

SOURCE: Toronto Zoo

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