🎄⭐🚶‍♂️ 2022 Illumi Cavalia Mississauga Light Show Walk–through

Saturday, 01 October 2022 10:49.PM

- The epic and imaginary light show, featuring more than 20 million LED bulbs, will ignite the night starting this September.
- Be the first to experience the magic of illumi! Tickets are up to 75 per cent off for the first two weeks, from September 14 to September 28. -

After raising its White Big Top throughout the Greater Toronto area with its shows Cavalia and Odysséo over the last decade, the creators of Cavalia are ecstatic to return, this time not with their four-legged stars - but instead, with millions and millions of lights! Today, Cavalia announces its new project that will light up the Mississauga night sky with its latest masterful production, illumi - A Dazzling World of Lights. Making its debut this September, the extraordinary light show is the first of its kind in the Toronto market and the largest light, sound, and multimedia show in the world.

Kids and adults alike will be captivated as they embark on a spectacular outdoor journey on foot through 13 magical worlds across a 600,000-sq-ft site (equivalent to ten football fields!) located near the intersection of the 407 and Hurontario Street. Brought to life by cutting-edge programming technologies, the immersive illumi universe features high-definition projections, jaw-dropping, state-of-the-art animatronic creatures, thousands of light structures, and over 20 million brilliant LED bulbs.

“We are incredibly excited to call Mississauga the new home of illumi and spark the imagination, curiosity, and emotions of people of all ages across Ontario and beyond,” said Normand Latourelle, Creator and Artistic Director, Cavalia. “We are deeply proud of the immersive worlds we have created – all with the intent to bring people together to experience joy and wonderment in a unique, magical, and mesmerizing setting.”

illumi offers an epic and imaginative journey around the world. Visitors travel along a spectacular route into impressive universes, like The Infinite Poles, a frozen landscape in which penguins mix with whales, and igloos inhabit an infinite forest of stalagmites. In The Multicoloured Savanna, visitors witness the only place on Earth where they can enjoy a safari of lights with the planet's most majestic animals. And, in The Cavalia Horses, a colossal herd of 200 equines, inspired by Cavalia's white horses, provides guests with an epic, magical ride surrounded by beauty,
mystery, majesty, and horsepower.

illumi is designed to provide visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime feeling that places them in the centre of unique, grandiose, and enchanting settings, while also being carried away by the soundtracks of each space. These neverbefore-seen installations with original imagery, breathtaking sceneries, and technological displays are widespread throughout the grounds, meaning visitors will have no shortage of photography and videography opportunities. By far, illumi is the most Instagrammable event on Earth, with endless possibilities to share breathtaking experiences
with friends and family on social media and beyond. Visitors can expect to be transported into dazzling, imaginative, and original concepts complete with millions and millions of lights.

The inventive and surprising concepts of illumi will also feature seasonal changes, including Halloween and holiday displays, drawing guests back for multiple experiences throughout the season.


Illumi Cavalia Mississauga Light Show is an absolute heaven for kids. There is no any place that kids can't touch, play and enjoy. And if kids are happy, then parents are happy too. A lot of fun for the whole family. Excellent opportunity to get a gorgeous family and kids' photos. Full accessibility for disabled persons.

Video Chapters:
00:00 The illumi Tree of Lights and its Village
01:10 Jurassic Encounter
01:51 The Tunnel of Love
02:33 The Crazy Boulevard
06:02 The Happiest Farm
09:01 The Land of Frost
12:10 The Europea Place
12:52 The Colourful Animal Kingdom
18:21 A Kid's Paradise
20:25 The Scarlet Spiders
22:38 The Infinite Poles
25:40 The Magic Lanterns
28:50 The Cavalia Horses
30:50 Jurassic Encounter
32:21 The illumi Tree of Lights and its Village

* * *