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JOBS FoxHire Expands Globally to 80+ Countries

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 02:23.PM

FoxHire announced that they will begin providing global Employer of Record (EOR) services in 80+ countries to their customers effective immediately. Covering 6 continents, FoxHire's new offerings will enable employers all over the world to easily hire anyone, anywhere with ease. Powered by FoxHire's EOR platform, customers can hire, onboard, and manage global employees all in one place. This new solution ensures local employment law compliance and streamlines the global expansion and hiring process.

"Due to the increase in remote work, and ever changing employment law requirements, employers have demanded EOR services globally like never before. Staffing and recruiting firms everywhere are also hoping to support their clients' international needs. Those two things paired with FoxHire's software expertise made expanding internationally a no-brainer" said Colin LaBeau, President of FoxHire.

Through FoxHire's international partner network, clients will have all the benefits of the FoxHire EOR platform and also have access to local expertise within the geographies they choose to hire. This pairing of the best software solution with the best local employment expertise differentiates FoxHire's solution from others on the market.

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