2023 Jurassic World: The Exhibition 🦖🦕 Walk-Through. Live Sound and Light Effects. Canadian Premiere in Toronto

Saturday, 22 April 2023 11:34.AM

Inspired by one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, visitors can experience Jurassic World’s cinematic universe come to life through innovative animatronic technology and immersive installations including Land of the Giants, Creation Lab, T. rex Kingdom, The Raptor Experience, Gyrosphere Valley and more!

Board the ferry to Isla Nublar and walk across the massive Jurassic World gates. Walk under a majestic Brachiosaurus, come face-to-face with ferocious raptors, and get a rare up-close look at the most vicious dinosaur of them all, the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Located at a stand-alone space beside Square One, Mississauga, The Exhibition will officially open to the public on April 21st, 2023. The highly anticipated attraction is produced by NEON, a global leader in immersive and epic experiences and presented in conjunction with Universal Live Entertainment.

Meet the park’s newest PARASAUROLOPHUS BABIES created by our expert geneticists.


Vist GENETIC CREATION LAB, where Jurassic World’s geneticists unlock the secrets of the past to bring dinosaurs back to life. One of the techniques they use is to extract dinosaur DNA from mosquitoes trapped in amber.

Continue your journey through GYROSPHERE VALLEY where you can see a life-size gyrosphere display, take a picture with a baby dino, and discover whats under the dirt at the Dig Site.

Enjoy T. REX KINGDOM and meet Tyrannosaurus Rex, the one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs that ever lived. Everything about this ferocious predator, from its thick, heavy skull to its 4-foot-long (1.2-meter-long) jaw, was designed for maximum bone-crushing action.

IT’S FEEDING TIME… Watch as the Indominus Rex gets fed. Her hybrid DNA is a combination of aggressive carnivores like Carnotaurus, T. rex, and Raptors with the genome of modern animals such as cuttlefish and tree frogs. Highly intelligent and extremely dangerous.

This Video Made by NewCa.com Courtesy of the NEON Jurassic World: The Exhibition.

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