🧩🎲 CasinoCanada Unveils 2023 Canadian Gambling Market Insights: Industry Poised for Growth

Monday, 08 May 2023 06:32.PM

CasinoCanada, a leading affiliate website for the Canadian online gambling industry, has published an insightful report on the present and future prospects of the Canadian gambling market in 2023. The comprehensive analysis focuses on the market's history, regulatory environment, and key trends shaping the industry's future.

Last year, the Canadian gambling industry generated over $15 billion in revenue and employed over 135,500 people across the country. The extensive research conducted by CasinoCanada's team of experts provides valuable insights into the market's performance and factors driving growth and change in the near future.

Key Findings

• The Canadian gaming industry contributes nearly $9 billion in annual revenue and supports various government and community programs and services.
• In 2021, the Canadian gambling industry was valued at $12.54 billion, with lottery sales being the primary source of revenue.
• Approximately 18.9 million people in Canada reported gambling in the past year, with 95% of players considered non-problem gamblers.
• Slots and bingo are the most popular types of electronic gambling in the country.
• The growth of the gaming industry in Canada can be attributed to the increase in the availability of legal gaming options.

Gambling Laws in Canada

Gambling laws in Canada are regulated by a combination of federal and provincial laws, with each province having its own set of regulations and oversight bodies.

SOURCE: CasinoCanada