2023 Toronto Zoo 🐻🌳🦧 Puppe Browsing a New Outdoor Orangutan Habitat 🦧

Tuesday, 03 October 2023 04:14.AM

Connect to nature. Improve your mental and physical health. Тhe Toronto Zoo is the first zoo in Canada to participate in the PaRx, national nature prescription program.

As a world leader in the nature and health field, PaRx was recently named a key partner in a €6.3 million international project on nature-based therapies that will provide a road map for communities worldwide that seek to introduce nature as a health intervention.

The BC Parks Foundation launched PaRx in November 2020, starting in British Columbia then expanding to every province across the country by 2022. In under three years, over 11,000 healthcare providers—including over five percent of all physicians in the country—have registered to prescribe time outside for their patients’ health, helping to connect thousands of Canadians to nature.

Toronto Zoo is perfectly positioned to help connect our community to nature as we are surrounded by Canada’s Rouge National Urban Park. This ground-breaking partnership between Toronto Zoo and PaRX lends a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘nature walk,’ given that our trails bring guests side-by-side with African lions, Masai giraffes and more than 290 other species in seven geographical regions. By presenting their PaRx prescription and matching ID at the entrance gate, patients can enjoy 50 per cent off their admission on the day of their visit.

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