2023 Toronto Zoo 🐻🌳🦧 Zoomobile RideπŸš‚ The Best Moments of a New Fall Route πŸ‚β˜€οΈ

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 11:11.AM

Take a ride around the Toronto Zoo in the new Zoomobile. This is a fascinating journey through areas of the zoo that are closed to public access.

An improvised locomotive takes passengers to unexplored corners of the zoo with centers for the treatment and care of animals and plants, outbuildings that ensure daily uninterrupted operation, and an administrative center where the entire zoo is managed.

From the windows of the locomotive cars you can see amazing views of Rouge Park, one of the largest parks in the Greater Toronto Area, and animal enclosures.

During your trip you will learn many interesting facts not only about the zoo, but also its inhabitants.

Find out about Zoomobile's new fall route. The closure of some animal enclosures for the cold season made it possible to change the route so that the locomotive can travel along those roads where visitors had recently walked. Those who have visited the Toronto Zoo more than once know that a typical trip takes place along a bypass road that does not intersect with pedestrian paths in any way and includes visits to special animal enclosures, accessible only for viewing from the Zoomobile.

* * *