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👥🤝 Working Together to Protect Democracy and Defend Human Rights 💵

Tuesday, 09 April 2024 10:22.AM

Democracies around the world are facing threats. From foreign actors trying to influence election results, to malicious cyber activity, to disinformation – Canada is not immune to these challenges. That is why we are working with international partners to safeguard and advance democracy.

On March 20, The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, reaffirmed Canada's unwavering commitment to protecting and strengthening democratic institutions at the Summit for Democracy, hosted by the Republic of Korea. This year's theme, "Democracy for Future Generations," reminds us of our commitment to protect and promote democratic values so our children and grandchildren have a more prosperous and peaceful world.

At the Summit, the Prime Minister announced over $30 million for new projects to strengthen democracy in Canada and around the world:

$22.3 million to defend human rights and promote inclusion
$5.6 million to strengthen resilient democratic institutions
$2.5 million to counter foreign interference

Prime Minister Trudeau participated in a virtual plenary session hosted by the Republic of Korea on the topic of technology, elections, misinformation, and disinformation. During this session, he highlighted Canada's work to protect information integrity online. Through the Global Declaration on Information Integrity Online, Canada is helping ensure a healthy information ecosystem, built on trust, transparency, and integrity.

He also emphasized the importance of open government to build and maintain public trust in democratic institutions and combatting disinformation, and pointed to the many measures Canada has put in place to address these challenges – from investing in civil society capacity to building resilience in public institutions.

Prime Minister Trudeau also announced the upcoming launch of a Trust and Transparency Strategy, which will encourage transparency, accountability, and open participation in the federal public service.

Canada remains unwavering in its commitment to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. We will take action, at home and abroad, to advance and protect these fundamental principles.

"Our democracies didn't happen by accident, and they won't continue without effort. That's why we are working with partners around the world, through the Summit for Democracy, to strengthen democracy and trust in our institutions. Canada will work with all countries – from our long-standing partners to our new friends – to show the world that democracy is enduring and resilient."
— The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Quick Facts

• The third Summit for Democracy was hosted by the Republic of Korea in Seoul under the overarching theme of "Democracy for Future Generations". Building on the strong solidarity fostered among democratic countries at the previous two Summits, this year's Summit offered an important opportunity to address the challenges democracy is facing today and to protect democratic values and principles for future generations.
• Discussions between leaders at the Summit for Democracy 2024 focused on three themes, each chaired by a different participating country:
  •   Inclusive Society and Youth Empowerment (Denmark)
  •   Technology, Elections, Misinformation and Disinformation (Republic of Korea)
  •   Governance Partnership with Global South (Kenya)
• The Prime Minister delivered Canada's national statement highlighting how Canada has risen to the challenge in the face of emerging threats, such as disinformation, artificial intelligence, and foreign interference.
• Canada remains committed to the issues highlighted in its 35 commitments presented at the first Summit for Democracy in 2021.

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